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Baby Boot Camp!

Considering every single muscle group in my body is sore, I would say that Baby Boot Camp was a success! I would like to thank Patty Porro, franchise owner and instructor, for inviting me to her class Friday morning in Sunset Place.

Although I am baby-less, and I was not the only one, the group was very welcoming and Patty found alternatives for us.  Baby Boot Camp is an outdoor personal training session in a group environment.  After childbirth there are certain precautions you need to take and Patty specializes in this.  Not only is the class amazing because you can workout with your baby, but there is a camaraderie that grows among the mothers that’s irreplaceable.

I witnessed that the class is also very therapeutic.  While stretching, we went around in a circle to introduce ourselves. At this time we each shared one thing this week that our baby did to frustrate us.  Mother’s shared that their baby did not sleep, they wet the bed, etc.  I could tell that the venting and relating really was an important part to the class.

Dynamic, challenging, and supportive are three words that describe Baby Boot Camp! Interested in signing up? You can e-mail Patty at or call her at 305.310.5232. Baby Boot Camp classes run in Sunset Place, Kennedy Park, and Key Biscanye.  If you mention that you learned about Baby Boot Camp via Mini Miami you will receive $10 off your enrollment fee! Also, don’t forget to stay updated with Baby Boot Camp and “like” them on Facebook!

Now back to stretching…

*Thank you Anais Ganouna Photography for the wonderful pictures!

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