The latest and greatest for the kids of Miami!


ImageIf you haven’t done so yet, you must check out Kid-Capsule. Kid-Capsule is an application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  This application is a keepsake journal right at your own fingertips.  You can document major milestones to funny things that the adorable little child that you love said today. Just like Mini Miami, Kid-Capsule is great for anyone who KNOWS a child and is not only meant for parents. 
The owner and developer of the app, Anahelena Natera, shared that “It’s [Kid-Capsule] sort of a spin on a baby book/photo video gallery/scrapbook rolled into one.  It’s also designed in a modern and fresh style.” Are you going away on a trip and don’t want to miss a thing in your child’s life?  Then have your babysitter download the application so they can document everything that the children have done while you have been out. You don’t need to miss a thing!
Want to learn more about Kid-Capsule? Kid-Capsule was voted app of the week by Apps For Homeschooling. It was also featured on the Channel 7 ImageNews segment Parent to Parent. 
Kid-Capsule is always running special offers on Facebook, so be sure to “like” them! So go ahead and download Kid-Capsule on iTunes and if you love them, rate Kid-Capsule or leave a review on the App Store.

 Happy Downloading! 
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